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Operating Tuesdays to Fridays / Headquarters by appointment


BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

Operating Tuesdays to Fridays / Headquarters by appointment

Vintage Consignment


It bring us great joy to care and share your valued pieces to our community.  For all those who wish to find a haven of people with mindful practices in recirculation and a strong sense of value for fashion, our consignment service is a great opportunity.  

To start:
i.   Please fill out our Consignment Information Form

ii.  Review our Consignment Proposal

VINTAGE AND RECLAIMED CONSIGNMENT     By 2016, our Vintage and Second-hand Collections have comprised of 50% or more consigned products from private collectors and independent brands.

The trust we have nurtured with our consignors, some of whom have been with us for years now, is a testament to the level of commitment we own as active participants in a more sustainable fashion industry and the value we have for the community that surrounds us. Fashion is a powerful tool which documents, communicates, enables, enlivens, and enriches our worlds.  Because of this, it’s part of our core beliefs that renewing energy (by means of recirculation) present in already existing fashion pieces plays an important role in our time - an opportunity for reconnection.

It’s our hope that we continue to reach people like you and give new life for pieces and stories that have served them well.

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us here