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BSA Twin Towers, Manila PH

BSA Twin Towers, Manila PH

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S O C I A L   I M P A C T     In their own right, and even as a small business, Denuo commits to social purpose contributions since 2016.  

Indigent Seniors of Navotas, PH   We work closely together with a small collective of residents that make independent community-driven efforts to support the indigent seniors within the municipality.
Start Date: December 2017
Term:  Annual contributions
Associates:  Geslani Cruz and Gelyn Cruz 
Log:  2017 and 2018 contributions to be delivered January 31, 2019 (Rescheduled for February 14, 2019)

MBY Pet and Animal Sanctuary   Contributions are from 2017 Retaso Artist Tote Collection. The sanctuary is run by a small group of kind-hearted individuals; The founder, a chief-of-staff, and eight caretakers.  It is a non-profit organization of heroes who defend, protect, and love the less fortunate street dogs and cats around the Rizal, Philippines area.  Currently, the organization is located in Morong, Rizal where the animal sanctuary houses dozens of hungry, abandoned, abused and forgotten animals.
Start Date:  December 2017
Term:  Ongoing quarterly contributions
+63 927 613 6886 or +63 997-735-123


2016 Holiday street gift-giving project  Wrapped a total of 315 second-hand apparel gifts (from the company and private donors) that were delivered to the homeless around Metro Manila sleeping on the streets on New Year's Eve.

2017 Inay Project  Donated 60 second-hand apparel from the company by Denuo staff in Tanza, Navotas after Holy Week as an additional traditional offering to the spiritually devout.  Pieces were wrapped in preparation.

2018 New Year Community Market Project   Set for January 31, 2019 - further details coming soon (Rescheduled for February 2019 and pending details)


Partner Drop-off Point for the Plastic Solution Movement   Since 2017, all non-biodegradable Denuo waste goes into the creation of eco-bricks and HQ acceptance of small Eco-brick drop-offs. 

     1.  PROPER BOTTLES according to The Plastic Solution regulations -clean, dry, capped, filled properly, counted, and packed (boxed, paper bag, reusable bag, tied) *non-biodegradable packaging not accepted

        2.   SCHEDULE a date for drop-off via text message.  We can only accommodate confirmed drop-offs due to our location.  Unconfirmed drop-offs will not be accepted by front desk clerks.  

     3.   LIMIT 1-20 bottles.  We appreciate those who understand that we have limited space to accommodate a large number of bottles.  For open collection dates, we can collect 20 pieces per week, until there's available space.

"The Plastic Solution is a movement of repurposing plastic bottles by stuffing the bottles with non-biodegradable wastes such as plastics, straws, cigarette butts, sachets, food wrappers and the like. For hard plastics like egg containers, disposable spoon, fork and container, it can be cut down into smaller pieces to fit in the bottle. These stuffed bottles will become simple, alternative fillers in constructing walls and fences for classrooms, houses, convention centres, garden pots, benches, etc. It will be an environmental movement to clean and take care of the environment in easy and accessible ways, through small actionable steps, while helping a community in need." - Plastic Solution