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HQ by appointment only


BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

HQ by appointment only



Do you have a physical store?
Our small scale operation is done in a private residential space.  Viewing appointment are currently suspended until further notice.

Do you ship international?
Yes, kindly place your order on our site or message us to schedule appropriate shipping procedures.  Check out our Shipping Policy for more information.

How long is shipping?
Since Manila ECQ and throughout COVID19 pandemic measures, our shipping within Metro Manila dispatches once (every Wednesday) of the week.  We commit to limit contact service during our operations. 

Provincial and International orders are pending delivery until courier availability.

Alternatively, we've reinstated our Pick-up option until further notice.  You may opt for this at Check-Out.

What if my order doesn't fit right?
Due to the nature of our products, most/all of our Vintage and second-hand items are Final Sale unless otherwise stated/negotiated.  Qualifications vary case to case.  Vintage pieces often benefit from personalized adjustments, tailoring, etc.  Check out our Return Policy for more information.

Why is your Vintage Collection different?
Our Vintage collection comprises of thrifted, private and professional collections aged back 20 years or more.  Additionally, we also care for second-hand pieces of recent times to preserve valuable pieces.

How do you price your Vintage Collections?
Our prices are a reflection of our pieces' Provenance, Quality and Novelty values as well as our official business practices.

What sustainability measure do you take?
Products:  Our Vintage Collection focuses on recirculating existing valuable fashion pieces and curbing waste.  These efforts reinstate ownership values, elevates negative perceptions on second-hand and "damaged" goods, promotes repairs and personalization, empowers creative experimentation, and prioritizes time.  Over all, our recirculation practice targets behavioural shifts that support long-term sustainability practices.

Practices:  Our business operations are small scale; residential office condominium space supports 1-3 persons / Biodegradable packaging / Garment care; environmentally safe detergent, the use of Oxo-bleach on a case-to-case basis for hygienic purposes, smudge cleansing, essential oil conditioning / Hand repairs and/or supports mending services / Article column initiatives focused on empowering sustainability values.

Where can I learn more about Sustainable Fashion?
Fashion Revolution