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BSA Twin Towers, Manila PH

BSA Twin Towers, Manila PH

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"THE LONG WAY IS THE SHORTCUT"    Developing the credibility of a small independent business as a slow fashion enterprise with a strong social purpose is equal parts honourable and challenging.  At face value, our brand is a minuscule body in the sea of change - that is, the sustainable fashion industry - but, is a valuable component, nonetheless.  Denuo, in its six years of operation (on and off sales), has seen the rapid growth of slow fashion.  In those years, and for those to come, the unique motions of this industry establishes a foundation on the evolution and credibility of design, business and the Self.  



People, Planet, Profit
Purpose, Pattern, Process

Whether or not we choose to title our movements, we, along with many emerging and transitioning fashion brands, are a part of a global developing circular economy wherein the consideration of human value, environmental impact and a reevaluation of profit value restructure industry norms relevant to the times.

P u r p o s e     We want to do business the right way and we believe that begins within.  So often has personal development been viewed more as an obstacle than a variable to business success.  We want to be part of the paradigm shifts that empower considerate consumption by developing a healthy dialogue of inclusivity, vulnerability and compassion in the slow fashion industry.  

P a t t e r n     Our business is a lot more than just our products - as they say, it's only the tip of the ice burg.  Our unconventional practices are intentional and unique - ever-changing, ever-growing.  We develop relationships, partnerships, research, design, industry acumen, culture and more, to "breathe life" into the brand.  

P r o c e s s      As Alessandro Michele once said, "resist the mantra of speed that violently leads to losing oneself.", we find ourselves ever more secure in our roles.  We are deliberate with how our time and resources develop us forward genuinely.