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BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

Operating Tuesdays to Fridays / Headquarters by appointment

Vintage - Collection Guide

V I N T A G E     &     R E C L A I M E D     C O L L E C T I O N S

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Denuo's Vintage and Reclaimed collection was initiated and maintained from 2012 to today.  By 2016, the collections have comprised of over 50% and more consigned products from private collectors and other independent businesses.

Knowing that an estimated 20% of the Environmental Impact (EI) of any given garment life-cycle post-purchase can be determined by the degree of integration and collaboration of its life-phase issues, our V&R collections are prime efforts in providing products that address and/or represent quality factors such us;

  • Less waste
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Time-tested long-lasting quality (material and construction)
  • Vetted sources
  • Re-purposing and reconstruction
  • Mindful labour and,
  • Positive/low-impact production practices

We have a lot to say about how we believe that clothing is a pivotal tool in a person's (and on a larger scale - generation's) voice, freedom and power.  The truth is, it (clothing) is the skin we choose to work in, live in, love in, be in throughout our entire lives.  Our clothes can go beyond determining the efficiency of our work by becoming a mechanism of communication, a sense of comfort, an education of cultures, and maybe the most powerful ability of them all, a medium of choice.

Denuo places the highest value onto the acquisition and care of second-hand and rare vintage pieces as a way to educate and inspire an undeserved growing global consumer demand for fashion platforms to provide truly quality services and products.  This is why contributors, sources, clients, and neighbouring support systems are vital to our development towards doing better for our community - and it must be said, that the utter joy we get from finding and studying these (what would have been) lost gems comes arguably second-place. 

We always find ourselves humbled at the privileged to showcase collections of beautiful pieces and nurture genuine relationships with our affiliates and partners together with the important challenge we take on as a participant of this industry. 

It’s our hope that we can continue to reach people like you and have an opportunity to give new life to pieces and stories that have served, and will continue to serve, well.

If you should wish to become a contributor by sharing your own mementos in our space, please do message us here, via email, +639177508213, and visit our page VINTAGE CONSIGNMENT for more information.