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Metro Manila, Philiippines

Metro Manila, Philiippines

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A B O U T    D E N U O  

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Once more, with belonging. 

Denuo was established in Manila in 2012. Our vintage is grounded in nurturing a sense of belonging – with an amalgamation of collections from all around the Philippines, our fashion history is about telling stories. 

It has taken the brand many years refining its mission to nurture deeper connections of ownership — fashion sustainability. Denuo's Investment on culture development is about changing the way we think about our belongings; experiencing form and function by means of challenging perceptions and common practices – still, through style and story. The fashion in which we choose to live our lives may transcends the physicality of fabric sown together — that it bears an indelible mark that connect us more intimately to ourselves and each other. 


Knowing that an estimated 20% of the Environmental Impact (EI) of any given garment lifecycle post-purchase is determined by the degree of integration and collaboration of its life-phase impact onto the entire consumer cycle, Denuo takes serious measures to develop effective recirculation; quality repair and storage, community-centred sourcing (working with private collectors and local small establishments that practice different levels of recirculation), environmentally gentle care processes, slow production, lowered carbon impact store practices, bio-degradable packaging, and culture development.

Without a doubt, there is true power in knowing our belonging. Contrary to common misconceptions of frivolity, the core of fashion is self-empowerment.  Belongings express the way we choose to live; they are tools we choose to work in, live through, love by, and share. Always with possibilities of going beyond utilitarian use, the power of consumer choice helps determine the efficiency of work, level of communication, degree of comfort, and enriches expressive identity. 

· History
2012  DTI, BIR government registration
2012  1st Vintage Collection 
2014-2015  Hiatus, store concept shift to Soma Stores, Greensun Manila, Philippines
2016  Official shift to sustainable practice
2017  Upcycled and Repurposed Collection "Artist's Tote"
2018  1st Consignments

· Production
Vintage & Reclaimed Collections
Artist X Denuo Collaboration Capsule Collection 2017    
Moondaze Inc., 

· Vintage & Thrift Sourcing (excludes private pre-owned collections)
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