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BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

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HAND-ON-HEART  Since in 2012, Denuo's unwavering devotion to vintage became a project brand built on nurturing fashion values.  Its contribution to their community is focused on enriching the importance of ownership and a deeper connection to fashion.  With garment recirculation by their renewed vintage tradition, mindful capsule creation collections, and insightful communications, Denuo grips the narrative that reminds us how fashion enlivens us with a sense of belonging(s).  Some takeaways for those that cross their path is a true sense of authenticity, reliability, and the simply refreshing opportunity to explore reflections of self they've embraced in fine colours, fanciful patterns, and rich stories. 

"Human values are non-negotiable." Ilse Crowford

THE LONG WAY IS THE SHORTCUT   Developing the credibility of a very small independent project business as a slow fashion enterprise with a strong social purpose is equal parts honourable and challenging.  At face value, the brand is a minuscule body in the sea of change - that is, the sustainable fashion industry - but, is a valuable component, nonetheless.  Denuo's existence throughout the years is proof-positive of the importance of slow fashion.  The unique motions of this industry establishes that nurturing integrity, design, business and Self is the core of sustainability.  Along with many established, emerging and transitioning fashion brands part of a global developing circular economy that measures human value, environmental impact and the reevaluation of profit value (and concepts of fulfillment) at the forefront of business structure, Denuo commits to transforming the support they've gained to continue to empower their community. 

LEGAL  Denuo is a fully registered and adheres to regulations as an operational residential business office and retail brand in Mandaluyong City, PH.  

PRODUCTS  Knowing that an estimated 20% of the Environmental Impact (EI) of any given garment lifecycle post-purchase is determined by the degree of integration and collaboration of its life-phase impact onto the entire consumer cycle, Denuo takes mindful measures to develop effective recirculation through repurposed design, elevated value curation, and empowering resources all in the hopes of contributing to progressive shifts in consumer values.  

A lot can be said about the power of belongings.  Contrary to common misconception of frivolity, the core of the fashion we wear is powerful self-empowerment.  Belongings express the way we choose to live; they are tools we choose to work in, live through, love by, and share.  Always with possibilities of going beyond utilitarian use, the power of consumer choice help determine the efficiency of work, level of communication, degree of comfort, and enriches expressive identity. 

  • Collection Types
    Recirculation  Established collection since 2012  
    Pieces are sourced from Private Contributors, vintage shops, and thrift shops called Ukay-ukay.  Laborious production processes take under two month lead-time.
    Repurposing  Established first collection in 2017

    Collections created and/or reconstructed with textile waste material or existing apparel and clothing material.  

  • Sourcing, Production, Pricing, Labour
    Vintage & Reclaimed Collections
    Artist X Denuo Collaboration Capsule Collection 2017 
  • Production    
    Moondaze Inc.,  Year of 2017 for Artist X Denuo 2017

Headquarters - by appointment  BSA Twin Towers, Bank Dr., Ortigas Centre, Brgy. Wack-wack, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1550  
Social Media Handles  @denuo  

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