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BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

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A Letter From Our CEO on COVID19


To beloved clients, friends and followers, 

As a small business, the surreal effects that follow the COVID19 worldwide pandemic leaves me in deep spiritually grief.

I am aware of the psychological, socio-economic, and physical warfare we are all facing.

Healing from initial shock, I hope you can understand why I will try to continue Denuo's operations to the best of my abilities and intentions.
Of the many ways to cope, my continuation to develop the business, write, shoot, and communicate gives me a vital grip on something hopeful.  It is one of the few things right now that keeps me afloat in this churning sea.

I hope by staying true to her core, Denuo can add value and move in faith - or the very least, attempt to send acts of love your way.

I am so grateful to everyone that can still buy, to everyone that shows their appreciation, and all the gracious support that keeps Denuo motivated to stay on the ball.

I wish everyone good health and assurance that we all have a friend and family here with Denuo.

Thank you
-  Monica

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