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Metro Manila, Philiippines

Metro Manila, Philiippines

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Waning crescent

Try something different.

The unpredictable defines these days, stretching time into odd lengths that, in some moments, feel like eternities. In some, a sliver of a second. The electric Friday evening air, that once announced the arrival of the weekend, feels like a memory from something I read, rather than a part of my life only a year and a half ago. I say only, and yet it has been a year and a half ago. Enough time has passed for habits and norms to have fallen away; for us to have lost loved ones; for us to wake to a world so unfamiliar that even our reflections in the glass appear like specters.

There is the instinct to cling and give structure to the chaos, and this structure is what we've attempted to create for months now. Where the uncertainty rattles, we draw a timeline and a set of goals; vestiges of something familiar. Too soon the landscape changes, and the pages of the calendar gray from revisions and erasures. These days, making plans has felt like clutching at sand. Sustaining Denuo, in the midst of personal struggles and constant changes in the economic and political landscape, has proven unsustainable. I say this with a deep, deep breath.

With us are so many beautiful clothes yet to be released; from friends, from sweet acquaintances, from strangers with exquisite lives. We want nothing more than to be able to share them with you in ways that honor every piece, and to promise you exactly when we can do that. The struggle lies in how the thorough technical and creative process which every collection undergoes has become increasingly difficult to complete consistently given the limited mobility and interaction, the rise in operating costs, an inhibited creative flow, and our divided attention as individuals with other professional pursuits and domestic responsibilities. While there is so much we wish we could hurriedly share, it's profoundly important to us that we do not come out with new releases for the mere sake of it. All of this is to say that, like many (if not everyone else), the strain of navigating a strange new world through the standards of an old one has become too much to bear.

This was how we arrived at the decision to press pause and be still. Now, our focus is on celebrating Denuo's almost ten-year run this December with a sense of completion through the brand's final releases. Delays and changes have riddled our past year and a half, what with the pandemic unsettling individual lives and communities. Of course, there were so many disappointments and heartbreaks along the way — both personally and professionally — but we've learned to accept them for what they are: realities of being alive. For those with us, we ask for your understanding where possible; your forgiveness where deserved, and; your acceptance of our sincere gratitude for the many months of quiet companionship.

We like to think of this as an indication that Denuo is being called for something else, somewhere else. Time has been strange, but we move forward with the confidence that ahead of us is not the end of the line, but the completion of an intense, eight-year phase, as well as the beginning of another that is still taking shape. For now, we fold these clothes with care, as always, in honor of this brief interlude in our shared journey.