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Metro Manila, Philiippines

Metro Manila, Philiippines

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Styling A Merry Condo


Apparently, from late night searches for the possible reason behind the rather inane habit of always rearranging the work/living space, we, at the very least, seem to be a part of a large collective of people that cope with mental and emotional noise by relentlessly reconstructing spaces.  Whatever the reason, we think it's important to adjust the environment you live in into the state that benefits you most.  I think it was Neil deGrasse Tyson that once posed the thought, "we could be living in an infinite space of ignorance" - to which we say (for our context), let space we occupy know our presence.

Why we revamped
As Denuo lives in the fifth dimension, it can not exist there without the success of its existence in the fourth.  Our headquarters is a multipurpose den where our team works (lives), from R&D, logistics to production, hosts meetings, photo shoots, and much of anything and everything the brand needs to operate.  As we move forward, it's important to take with us only that which serves our purpose.  Tending to the energies that surround us, trigger us, and empower us is vital to growth.  Essentially, we're making space for opportunities for the mind, heart, and home!

Steps to getting the space you need:  
1.  Assess conditions
2.  Filter through "I am and I will"
3.  Work with realities 

Easily, a good 20% of possessions were donated during our purge.  In our case, letting things go came easily because of the conditioning our profession sets.  But, active participation propelling new chances and changes, no matter what lifestyle you have, can be easily executed with guideposts from experienced maniacs like us who do it on the regular.  And, if you're like some of the people we've spoken to and need something more to their Marie Condo ways, our list may give some insight or deepen context to existing DIY organizational/design resources.

Step 1:  Assessing Conditions
Quality is prime.  Ensuring that your possessions are in tip-top shape is the most important.  This will automatically focus your attention on prioritizing pressing matters like repairing, cleaning, disposal and organization.  Take the pressure off by understanding that this initial step is to identify the needs of your space and possessions.  Through this, you'll get a sense of the value of the space (the quality of service it gives) and what you're willing to exert energy on to keep.

Step 2:  Filter through "I am and I will"
Drawing from the inside will result in a more profound change - something more likely to stick!  On the surface level, it is simple to store things out of sight or even throw away but, the disconnections will always pop back up through clutter and an unhappy space.  Our concept suggests that, while we go through the decision process (ie. keeping or buying new furniture, changing colour schemes, organization strategies, structural alterations, and discarding, storing or keeping possessions), we keep in our mind's eye the person we are at the time and the person we want to become.  This puts the process in a more purposeful agenda by prioritizing wants and needs centred on the change you desire.

Step 3:  Work with Realities
For some, including us, this step is about creativity. 
Like in business, we all want to scale well.  This means we need to efficiently grow, which then means we need to be aware of our realities like resources, time, and priorities.  Acknowledging our realities will empower us to enhance our execution by eliminating the need for doubtful purchases, unrealistic goals, and wasted time.  Most companies would have us mindlessly buy into the disillusion that a purchase can make us happy or solve all our fears, but not here.  When the majority of the influential platforms suggests consumption, we'd like to suggest what's free; ownership.  Identifying our realities and working them into our desires liberates us towards mindful problem-solving.


At the very least, an underlining message is that setting ourselves in an appropriate mindstate will increase the level of success of any revamp.  Meaningful change will make a big impact.  Whether it's baby steps or leaps, we acknowledge how powerful this can be, especially with encouragement!

So, here's to our HQ finally open again to our customers and to a little guidepost on how we  did it.