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Metro Manila, Philiippines

Metro Manila, Philiippines

Appointments are unavailable until further notice

Sustaining Intimacy

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14 Aug, 2021

Waning crescent

The unpredictable defines these days, stretching time into odd lengths that, in some moments, feel like eternities. In some, a sliver of a second. The electric Friday evening air, that once announced the arrival of the weekend, feels like a memory from something I read, rather than a part of my life only a year and a half ago. I say only, and yet it has been a year and a half ago. Enough time has passed for habits and norms to have fallen away; for us to have lost loved ones; for us to wake to a world so unfamiliar that even our reflections in the glass appear like specters.
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31 May, 2021

Notes on Hummingbird

It is my first time to experience spring. I arrived in Texas on the tail-end of winter, which was one of the coldest the state has experienced in years. On the day of my arrival, roads were still banked by snow from the past week's historic freeze. Day by day since I watched as once bare trees began to show green; as wildflowers began to color swaths of fields with blues and yellows. All the metaphors I've read of spring were absolutely justified in their romance; the surprise and resilience of life is a marvel I think I do not appreciate enough.


Working on this season with Monica — and eventually, our new Denuo sister Celine Mallari — from afar was challenging, to say the least, but I like to think it allowed us an opportunity to discover new ways of collaborating, of imagining a brand together. We kept asking ourselves, how can we continue honoring our values of artistry and fashion sustainability through vintage at a time like now? How do we approach vintage in the middle of a crisis? What is its purpose?
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13 May, 2021

The Spirit Of Things

“How do we react when life feels unfair?  How can our choices and reaction to the difficult and challenging things that come our way make the difference between a life of pain and that of a life of joy?”

It’s Denuo’s 8th year now and it’s 8 months, almost exactly, since my last entry for this Sustaining Intimacy column. What developed in this timeframe is a story; a new narrative that banged its way in, terrifying every fibre of my being and has now manifested itself in seemingly infinite soulful forms. Today, I share this chapter that reveals my life’s darkest moments that led to who I am today and how I show up for this brand, the people around me and the life I’ve begun anew.

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01 Mar, 2021

Notes on Water Lily

In envisioning our year ahead, Monica and I had a shared desire to tell a story that is partly about us and partly about what sustainability has come to mean to us. Fundamental to Denuo is the commitment to explore our notions of self and belonging, and we have been very lucky to find that our values in this regard are almost, if not perfectly, aligned. We often laugh at how uncanny it is that our paths crossed – we had no mutual friends, moved in very different circles, shared no institutional ties. It was a mutual love for sustainable fashion that brought us together two years ago, and since then, it was clear that we found a special kinship in one another.

In essence, this story that we want to tell is one of friendship, and of womanhood.

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