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BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

BSA Twin Towers, Manila, Philippines

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Sustaining Intimacy

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12 Oct, 2020

Styling A Merry Condo

As we move forward, it's important to take with us only that which serves our purpose.  Tending to the energies that surround us, trigger us, and empower us is vital to growth.  Essentially, we're making space for opportunities for the mind, heart, and home!
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19 Sep, 2020


It was almost inappropriate to be stripping to my underwear. It resembled walking into the dark ice-cold cinema mid-film or reading an abrupt introduction to a short story. Here I was witnessing the story of these two lovers on their usual Saturday afternoon as I discriminated against one piece of clothing from another. Yet the more important coupling here was between me and the clothing. These facts released a kind of kinetic flush on the surface of my skin that led me to think: These clothes had lives. Or more appropriately, they were lived in. Conjuring an album of faces and bodies.
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22 Jun, 2020

Tawo-Tawo: An Intimate Interview with Zeus Bascon

....In this interview are questions presented in an attempt to connect the currents of both our lives during this point in time.  Honestly, I was looking for company in the dark and, like a moth to a flame, gravitated to the glistering sheen of silk and stitching found in these works of art...
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12 Apr, 2020

Divine Prodding - A Hunt for Meaning

Much like a pin leak on a big happy red balloon, the weeks in COVID19 lockdown that came soon after the launch of this project left me deflated for a good few days.  Expectedly, any work or adjustments naively attempted were catawampus at best and so, delays, space, deep contemplation (meltdowns)...
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28 Feb, 2020

Intimate Introductions

They say that for any practice, the toughest part is showing up.  It took me a promise set more than a year ago to cough up the guts to take on this journey I’m about to share, but I’m happy I’ve made it - and also, terrified.  What has brought me to this move were a series of extraordinary personal stories...
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